Mother's Day

our moms are so under appreciated. it's embarrassing that there is only one [commercialized] day set aside to honor them. they deserve to be lauded constantly and publicly. they are our lifeline - literally, and then in just about all other aspects. until we die.

moms are unique creatures. they can be gentle and kind and loving, yet turn on a dime and become ferocious should someone [even act like they will] hurt their babies.

a mom is someone who will put their entire lives on hold for the sake of their children, if that is what it takes to help them become the best they can be. their lives *become* growing their children into the best versions of themselves.

if i am anything good or worthwhile, it is because of my mom and what she has taught and instilled in me. i am a product of her love, hard work, care, sacrifices, meaning and effort.

take some time today (and every day) to reflect on who you are, and how much your mom had to do with that. give her the honor and praise she is due.
and remember, you're never too old to sit on her lap or "text her when you get home," because your mother is your mother for life.

i love you mumschkie.